Adam Simha - MKS Design

Design to hold onto...

Your knife is your best friend

in the kitchen -the friend whose

hand you reach for first.


MKS knives, created by designer

Adam Simha, are a heartpounding

pleasure to use, an absolute delight

to be around, and with care will

last a lifetime.


...and just the thing on the off chance

you do happen to meet a bear

in the kitchen...

More about the knives/production notes
Adam Simha - MKS Design

More about the knives /production notes

MKS knives combine an injection molded grip that provides a perfect balance of shock absorption and control with naturally bacteria resistant stainless steel tubing, and an absolutely superb bench made blade.


This original design allows each knife in the line to be tuned precisely for weight, balance, and control. Edges are individually ground to suit as well.


MKS knives feature body geometry influenced by both Asian and western traditions to facilitate fast precise cutting. Blades are tempered to a Rockwell C 56.5 hardness for toughness, easy sharpening, and remarkable edge holding. Steels used in the different blades are 13C26, 440-C, 154CM, and SF77 stainless.


All knives come with choice of red, blue, green, or black handle grips (alternate BMX style grips available upon request), a rawhide honing strap, and an optional clear plastic knife roll and DMT fine or extra fine diamond sharpening steel.



Adam Simha - MKS Design